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The journal of Next Generation Technology is highly committed to building to research community among the students, faculties, scientist and industrialist. We are providing various categories of membership to your expediency.

Rewards of Membership

  • Authors can submit unlimited articles or manuscripts during the membership period.
  • Members can attend the events (seminars, conference, symposium, etc..) conducted or sponsored by this group with special consideration.
  • Members can receive the recent technological updates periodically through email.
  • Members will obtain the publication fee consideration.
  • The membership certificate to be issued to the registered members.

Types of membership

There are two categories of membership.

  1. Confined Membership
  2. Corporate Membership

Confined Membership

Confined membership is for the individual, those who are connecting the scope of areas of the journal. The confined members can publish papers based on our journal policies with special considerations. Confined Membership form

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is for the organization/industry/Institutions. They can purchase the articles (online/offline) with marginal fees. The head of the organization can apply this membership. Corporate Membership form

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